Energy, Society, and Environment: Technology for a Sustainable Future


The use of energy and the application of technology is central to many environmental problems of recent years, including global warming and acid rain. Though technology has often been a major cause of environmental problems in the past, new technologies offer many solutions.

Energy, Environment and Society is an introduction to energy and energy use, and the interreactions between technology, society and the environment. The book clearly examines key environmental issues and harmful impacts of energy use, and poses new technological solutions to environmental problems, as well as societal implications for developing a sustainable approach to energy use. Energy, Environment and Society examines the potential and limits of technical solutions to environmental problems and suggests socioeconomic and political changes necessary to avoid serious future environmental damage.
-- Interconnects the growing areas of environmental policy and technology
-- Contains case material from the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and the developing world

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 1997