Sexual Selections: What We Can and Can't Learn about Sex from Animals


"Zuk's analogies are better than anyone's--pithy, insightful, and funny. Who said feminists lack humor? Zuk made me laugh with deep pleasure more than once, as she reviewed the lessons of feminism for our understanding of non-human animals. Her main point--that studying the lives of non-humans should not be for the lessons they seem to provide for our political purposes, but for the pleasure of knowing nature on its own terms--will be compelling reading for all naturalists, feminists and not-feminists alike."--Patricia Adair Gowaty, editor of "Feminism and Evolutionary Biology

"Marlene Zuk uniquely combines a great breadth of knowledge about the behavior of animals with an ability to challenge conventional wisdom. She also writes with a graceful style and a mischievous wit. The result is a bold, fresh and feminist book about how our sex lives evolved."--Matt Ridley, author of "Genome

"This is an engaging and much needed book, which I hope will be widely read."--Sarah Blaffer Hrdy, author of"Mother Nature: Maternal Instincts and How They Shape the Human Species

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Includes content by:
  • A. E. Housman
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Berkeley, CA
Publication year:
  • 2002