Linking Expertise and Naturalistic Decision Making


This book contains selected papers presented at the 1998 conference on Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM). The objectives of the conference were to: *make American researchers more aware of NDM research being conducted abroad, particularly in Europe; *connect NDM research with work in management and industry, to stretch beyond the military and paramilitary focus; and *formulate a more explicit connection between NDM and expertise. These objectives are reflected in the chapters of this volume.

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Includes content by:
  • Robert R. Hoffman
  • Eduardo Salas
  • Gary Klein
  • J. Frank Yates
  • Rebecca M. Pliske
  • Robert R. Hoffman
  • Eduardo Salas
  • Gary Klein
  • J. Frank Yates
  • Rebecca M. Pliske
  • Michael J. McCloskey
  • Jon J. Fallesen
  • Julia Pounds
  • Lia Dibello
  • Thomas E. Miller
  • Emilie M. Roth
  • Laura Lin
  • Steven Kerch
  • Stephen J. Kenney
  • Nubuo Sugibayashi
  • Michael R. Baumann
  • Janet A. Sniezek
  • Clayton A. Buerkle
  • Henry Montgomery
  • Véronique De Keyser
  • Anne-Sophie Nyssen
  • Susan S. Kirschenbaum
  • Judith Orasanu
  • Lynne Martin
  • Jeannie Davison
  • James Shanteau
  • Laura G. Militello
  • Jan Maarten Schraagen
  • Henk Leijenhorst
  • Sabine Sonnentag
  • Cynthia O. Dominguez
  • Helen Altman Klein
  • Eric John Vincent
  • Judith J. Isaacson
  • Karl E. Weick
  • Raanan Lipshitz
  • John S. Carroll
  • Jenny W. Rudolph
  • Sachi Hatakenaka
  • Theodore L. Wiederhold
  • Marcello Boldrini
  • Philip J. Smith
  • C. Elaine McCoy
  • Vimla L. Patel
  • José F. Arocha
  • Arne Worm
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Mahwah, NJ
Publication year:
  • 2001