Drug Treatment: What Works?


Britain, like almost everywhere else, has a burgeoning drug problem. Finding ways of dealing with this problem is a major platform of government policy and a great deal has been made of the impact of treatment on drug users. Drug Treatment: What Works? is a cutting edge survey of the latest developments in these treatments, and it sets out to ask some of the crucial questions in the treatment of drug abusers; including: * Which treatments work with what sorts of abusers? * What are the key indicators of likely success? * Does coercion work or must treatment be freely entered into? * Is drug testing an essential backup for successful treatment? Featuring contributions from some the leading figures in this field, Drug Treatment: What Works? will be essential reading for students, academics and professionals studying drug treatment in the areas criminology, social policy and medicine.

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Includes content by:
  • Philip Bean
  • Teresa Nemitz
  • Joy Mott
  • Ken Checinski
  • Hamid Ghodse
  • Philip Bean
  • Teresa Nemitz
  • Joy Mott
  • Ken Checinski
  • Hamid Ghodse
  • Michael Gossop
  • Colin Brewer
  • Douglas Longshore
  • Michael L. Prendergast
  • David Farabee
  • Nicholas Seivewright
  • Muhammad Z. Iqbal
  • Helen Bourne
  • John A. Carver
  • Andrew Ravenscroft
  • Tammy L. Anderson
  • Lana Harrison
  • Paul Hayes
  • Joris Casselman
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2004