Handbook of Vocational Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice


Keeping up with new developments in vocational psychology is important to both psychological practitioners and researchers. The Handbook of Vocational Psychology, Third Edition is devoted to presenting and evaluating important advances in the field of vocational psychology. More specifically, the aim of the handbook is to identify, report, and evaluate significant developments in vocational psychology and thus to provide both professional workers and students with an informed understanding of the progress taking place in this discipline. Key features include: *a comprehensive review of contemporary developments in the field; *making readers aware of the theoretical research and applied aspects of the field; and *familiarizing readers with a variety of techniques, procedures, and theories available for vocational assessment. This text appeals to anyone in the field of applied psychology including industrial/organizational, environmental, vocational, life-span, counseling, educational, and clinical psychology.

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Includes content by:
  • W.Bruce Walsh
  • Mark L. Savickas
  • W. Bruce Walsh
  • David B. Baker
  • Mary Sue Richardson
  • W.Bruce Walsh
  • Mark L. Savickas
  • W. Bruce Walsh
  • David B. Baker
  • Mary Sue Richardson
  • Kesia Constantine
  • Mara Washburn
  • Ruth E. Fassinger
  • Susan D. Phillips
  • Larae M. Jome
  • Susan C. Whiston
  • Laurel W. Oliver
  • Steven D. Brown
  • Eileen B. McPartland
  • Michael T. Brown
  • Yasmeen Yamini-Diouf
  • Christopher Ruiz De Esparza
  • Beryl Hesketh
  • Barbara Griffin
  • Donald E. Eggerth
  • Gary D. Gottfredson
  • Timothy R. Elliott
  • Paul Leung
  • John D. Krumboltz
  • Anne Chan
  • Paul J. Hartung
  • Linda Mezydlo Subich
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Mahwah, NJ
Publication year:
  • 2005
  • 3rd