A Handbook for Teaching & Learning in Higher Education


First published in 1999, this handbook has proven to be popular for those developing their careers teaching in higher education. The combination of wide ranging, accessible and authoritative guidance and advice, with fascinating case studies and vignettes, plus a real understanding for the needs of readers working in higher education today, has made this an essential book for many. It has been widely adopted and recommended, with many institutions, such as Oxford University, providing copies for all their new teaching staff.Fully updated and significantly revised, this new edition of the Handbook is sure to enhance its reputation and success. The focus remains firmly on developing professional academic skills in terms of teaching, student learning, research, career development and developing subject excellence. However, with higher education changing rapidly in terms of technology, subjects, numbers, priorities and professional development, the book has been redeveloped to reflect these changes.This new edition builds upon the scope and value of the previous edition, and will also dovetail with the editors' recent follow-up volume, "T

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Includes content by:
  • Heather Fry
  • Steve Ketteridge
  • Stephanie Marshall
  • Vaneeta-Marie D'Andrea
  • Richard Wakeford
  • Heather Fry
  • Steve Ketteridge
  • Stephanie Marshall
  • Vaneeta-Marie D'Andrea
  • Richard Wakeford
  • Stephen E. Newstead
  • Sherria Hoskins
  • Jennifer Horgan
  • Sandra Griffiths
  • Stephen Fallows
  • Liz Beaty
  • John Pettit
  • Robin Mason
  • David Gosling
  • Judy McKimm
  • Dai Hounsell
  • Margot Brown
  • Hazel Fullerton
  • Tina Overton
  • Gerry McAllister
  • Sylvia Alexander
  • Philip W. Martin
  • Della Freeth
  • Pam Parker
  • Carol Gray
  • John Klapper
  • Adam Feather
  • Ursula Lucas
  • Peter Milford
  • Joe Kyle
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 2003
  • 2nd