Handbook of Eating Disorders


This second edition of the Handbook of Eating Disorders offers a comprehensive, critical account of the whole field of eating disorders, incorporating both basic knowledge and a synthesis of the most recent developments in the area.

Many of the important developments in recent years are reflected in this expanded volume such as the basic science of appetite control, the discovery of leptin and the knowledge about the neurotramsmitters involved in eating.

An invaluable review of scientific knowledge and approaches to treatment of eating disorders from anorexia nervosa to obesity.

• Covers basic concepts and science, clinical considerations of definition and assessment, and treatment approaches

• Focuses on newer developments in research and treatment

• Reflects evidence-based approaches to treatment as a guide to best practice

• Includes many new chapters and authors who represent the most authoritative scientists and clinicians worldwide

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Includes content by:
  • Bob Palmer
  • Elizabeth Winchester
  • David Collier
  • Frances Connan
  • Sarah Stanley
  • Bob Palmer
  • Elizabeth Winchester
  • David Collier
  • Frances Connan
  • Sarah Stanley
  • Martina De Zwaan
  • Anne Ward
  • Simon Gowers
  • Roz Shafran
  • Padmal De Silva
  • Mervat Nasser
  • Melanie Katzman
  • Lucy Serpell
  • Nicholas Troop
  • Stephen Zipfel
  • Bernd Löwe
  • Wolfgang Herzog
  • Søren Nielsen
  • Núria Bará-Carril
  • Janet Treasure
  • Ulrike Schmidt
  • Beatrice Bauer
  • Glenn Waller
  • Helen Kennerley
  • Denise Wilfley
  • Rick Stein
  • Robinson Welch
  • Helen Birchall
  • Claire Tanner
  • Ivan Eisler
  • Daniel Le Grange
  • Eia Asen
  • Tijs Bruna
  • Jaap Fogteloo
  • Lorna Richards
  • Paul Robinson
  • Anthony Winston
  • Peter Webster
  • Manfred Fichter
  • Heidelinde Krenn
  • Jorunn Sundgot-Borgen
  • Finn Skårderud
  • Sheelagh Rodgers
  • Stephen Herpertz
  • Dasha Nicholls
  • Rachel Bryant-Waugh
  • Runi Børresen
  • Jan H. Rosenvinge
  • Greta Noordenbos
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Chichester, England
Publication year:
  • 2003
  • 2nd