A Reader's Guide to the Novels of Louise Erdrich


This revised and expanded edition of Beidler and Barton's indispensable "A Reader's Guide to the Novels of Louise Erdrich" builds on the sellout success of the first edition. Every serious reader of Erdrich's fiction will want access to this comprehensive new edition, which includes valuable new material. - Completely updated with information on four new novels published since the first edition: "The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse, The Master Butchers Singing Club, Four Souls, "and "The Painted Drum" "-" Easy-to-use genealogical charts for the various families - A map and geographical details about the settings for the novels - A detailed composite dictionary of characters (even including the minor characters) - A glossary of all of the Ojibwe words, phrases, and sentences that Erdrich, an astoundingly versatile and energetic Native American author, uses in her panoply of novels