Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings


Since publication of the first edition in 1974, Film Theory and Criticism has been the most widely used and cited anthology of critical writings about film. Extensively revised and updated, this sixth edition highlights both classic texts and cutting edge essays from more than a century ofthought and writing about the movies. Editors Leo Braudy and Marshall Cohen have reformulated the book's sections and their introductions in order to lead students into a rich understanding of what the movies have accomplished, both as individual works and as contributions to what has been called"the art form of the twentieth [and now twenty-first] century." Building upon the wide range of selections and the extensive historical coverage that marked previous editions, this new compilation stretches from the earliest attempts to define the cinema to the most recent efforts to place film inthe contexts of psychology, sociology, and philosophy, and to explore issues of gender and race. The sixth edition features several new essays that discuss the impact of digital technology on the traditional conceptions of what films do and how they manage to do it. Additional selections from the important works of Gilles Deleuze round out sections dealing with the theories of such writers asSergei Eisenstein, Andre Bazin, and Christian Metz, among others. New essays also strengthen sections dealing with the idea of "excess" in film, film spectatorship, the horror genre, and feminist criticism. Film Theory and Criticism, 6/e, is ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses in filmtheory and criticism.

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Includes content by:
  • Vsevolod Pudovkin
  • Sergei Eisenstein
  • AndrÉ Bazin
  • Brian Henderson
  • Christian Metz
  • Vsevolod Pudovkin
  • Sergei Eisenstein
  • AndrÉ Bazin
  • Brian Henderson
  • Christian Metz
  • Stephen Prince
  • Daniel Dayan
  • Nick Browne
  • Siegfried Kracauer
  • Rudolf Arnheim
  • Maya Deren
  • Stan Brakhage
  • Jean-Louis Baudry
  • NoËl Carroll
  • Gilles Deleuze
  • Erwin Panofsky
  • BÉla BalÁsz
  • Gerald Mast
  • Stanley Cavell
  • Grigori Alexandrov
  • Mary Ann Doane
  • John Belton
  • John Ellis
  • Hugo MÜnsterberg
  • Leo Braudy
  • Seymour Chatman
  • Dudley Andrew
  • Tom Gunning
  • Jerrold Levinson
  • Kristin Thompson
  • Peter Wollen
  • Jeffrey Sconce
  • Andrew Sarris
  • Richard B. Jewell
  • Roland Barthes
  • Gilberto Perez
  • Robert C. Allen
  • Molly Haskell
  • Miriam Hansen
  • Thomas Schatz
  • Rick Altman
  • Robert Warshow
  • Robin Wood
  • Linda Williams
  • Cythia A. Freeland
  • Tania Modleski
  • David Bordwell
  • Walter Benjamin
  • Jean-Luc Comolli
  • Jean Narboni
  • Laura Mulvey
  • Robert Stam
  • Louise Spence
  • Manthia Diawara
  • Anne Friedberg
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2004
  • 6th