International Book of Dyslexia: A Cross-Language Comparison and Practice Guide


In the most extensive and wide-ranging book currently available, contributors have been gathered from all over the world to report on the current, global state of dyslexia research and practice.

In this volume, top researchers in the field describe specific difficulties in over 15 different languages, revealing that dyslexia relates not just to cognitive strengths and weaknesses, but also to the language and script in question.

In addition, readers can access an electronic supplement in which individuals, institutions and organisations from around the world report on policies, resources and training for people with dyslexia and those who work with them. Over 50 countries are included, together with details of all known dyslexia associations and resources.

This unique collection will be of interest to researchers, practitioners and policy makers. It also offers a wealth of information to those parents, teachers and individuals who are seeking support.

The electronic supplement to this volume is also available to purchase separately in paperback from your bookshop or from John Wiley & Sons Ltd. The International Book of Dyslexia: A Guide to Practice and Resources, ISBN 0470496464

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Ian Smythe
  • Robin Salter
  • Maria Jose Quintana
  • Paul Whiting
  • Maria Götzinger-Hiebner
  • Ian Smythe
  • Robin Salter
  • Maria Jose Quintana
  • Paul Whiting
  • Maria Götzinger-Hiebner
  • Michael Kalmár
  • Haya Al-Mannai
  • Eleni Grammaticos
  • Anny Cooreman
  • Vanya Matanova
  • Linda S. Siegel
  • Rosey Palmer
  • Dolors Juanola
  • Neus Buisán
  • Mercè Gonzàlez
  • Luis Bravo-Valdivieso
  • Xiangzhi Meng
  • Xiaolin Zhou
  • Nada Lovrić
  • Costas Apostolides
  • Olga Zelinkova
  • Birgit Dilling Jandorf
  • Dorthe Haven
  • Helen Nielsen
  • Gad Elbeheri
  • Carol Orton
  • Heikki Lyytinen
  • Mikko Aro
  • Leena Holopainen
  • Myriam Risser
  • Christiane Löwe
  • Gerd Schulte-Körne
  • Maria Sp. Mazi
  • Styliani Nenopoulou
  • John Everatt
  • Suk-Han Lee
  • Éva Gyarmathy
  • Emoὅke Vassné Kovács
  • Philip John
  • Susan K. George
  • Anu B. Mampilli
  • L. G. Tehrani
  • Anne Hughes
  • G. Malka Lipkin And Harry J. Lipkin
  • Giacomo Stella
  • Eiko Todo
  • Radi Waqfi
  • William Eric Ferguson
  • Lucien Bertrand
  • Caroline Gomez
  • Christine Firman
  • Kazuvire Veii
  • Kees P. Van Den Bos
  • James Hawkins
  • Ersin Öztoycan
  • Catherine Martin
  • Berit Bogetvedt
  • Dina Ocampo
  • Marta Bogdanowicz
  • Tatiana Boldyreva And Olga B. Inshakova
  • Elizabeth J. Reilly
  • J. S. Daruwalla
  • Catherine Hattingh
  • Bodil Andersson
  • Susanne Bertschinger
  • Wei-Pai Blanche Lue
  • Jareeluk Jiraviboon
  • Helen Sunderland
  • Jane Browning
  • Ann Cooke
  • Michael Davies And Ian Smythe
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Hoboken, NJ
Publication year:
  • 2004