The Environment in Anthropology: A Reader in Ecology, Culture, and Sustainable Living


This major new series reproduces an authoritative selection of the most significant articles in different areas of psychology. It focuses in particular on influential articles which are not found in other similar collections.

Many of these articles are only available in specialized journals and therfore are not accessible in every library. This landmark series will make a contribution to scholarship and teaching in psychology. It will imorove access to important areas of literature which are difficult to locate, even in the archives of many libraries throughout the world.

Important features in each book make the series an essential research and reference tool, including introductions written by the individual editors providing a lucid survey of difference branches of psychology. The pagination of the original articles has been deliberately retained to facilitate ease of reference. A comprehensive author and subject index guides the reader instantly to major and minor topics within the literature.

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Includes content by:
  • Julian Steward
  • Robert Netting
  • Emilio Moran
  • Dianne Rocheleau
  • Barbara Thomas-Slayter
  • Julian Steward
  • Robert Netting
  • Emilio Moran
  • Dianne Rocheleau
  • Barbara Thomas-Slayter
  • Esther Wangari
  • Virginia D. Nazarea
  • Conrad P. Kottak
  • I. G. Simmons
  • Ester Boserup
  • Lester Brown
  • Gary Gardner
  • Brian Halweil
  • Caroline Bledsoe
  • Fatoumatta Banja
  • Allan G. Hill
  • Sally Ethelston
  • Simon Dalby
  • Leslie White
  • Charles Redman
  • James Ferguson
  • Larry Lohmann
  • Wilfred Beckerman
  • Vandana Shiva
  • Alan Fricker
  • Ben Orlove
  • Kevin A. Hill
  • Nora Haenn
  • Kent Redford
  • Katrina Brandon
  • Steven Sanderson
  • Arturo Escobar
  • Michael McRae
  • Timothy W. Luke
  • Libby Robin
  • Susan C. Stonich
  • Billie R. Dewalt
  • Akhil Gupta
  • W. Bowman Cutter
  • Joan Spero
  • Laura Dandrea Tyson
  • Kristin Shrader-Frechette
  • Kay Milton
  • F. Berkes
  • D. Feeny
  • B. J. McCay
  • J. M. Cheson
  • Suzana Sawyer
  • J. Peter Brosius
  • Will Anderson
  • David Maybury-Lewis
  • Peter J. Taylor
  • Frederick H. Buttel
  • Richard R. Wilk
  • Caren Kaplan
  • Brewster Kneen
  • Martha Honey
  • Duane Elgin
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2006