The E-Policy Handbook: Rules and Best Practices to Safely Manage Your Company's E-Mail, Blogs, Social Networking, and Other Electronic Communication Tools


Trillions of e-mails travel each year through corporate networks - and they're not all work-related. But for organizations wishing to protect themselves from liability, e-mail is no longer the only danger - they now have to contend with blogs, social networking sites, and other new technologies. Packed with electronic rules, step-by-step guidelines, sample policies, and e-disaster stories, this revised edition of The e-Policy Handbook helps readers:

implement strategic electronic rules
• prevent security breaches and data theft
• safeguard confidential company and customer information
• manage new and emerging technologies
• write and implement effective policies
• train employees

Updated to cover new technologies, including instant messaging, social networking, text messaging, video sites, and more, this is a comprehensive resource for developing clear, complete e-policies.

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