Handbook of Writing Research


This authoritative volume synthesizes current knowledge on writing development in children and adolescents and the processes underlying successful learning and teaching. The most comprehensive work of its kind, the volume encompasses both cognitive and sociocultural perspectives. Leading investigators present salient theoretical models; describe cutting-edge research methodologies and analytic tools; summarize available data on the effectiveness of major instructional approaches; and identify key directions for future research. Emphasizing the importance of supporting all students' writing development, the book includes a special section on cultural diversity, gender, special education, and bilingual learners.

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Includes content by:
  • Charles A. Macarthur
  • Steve Graham
  • Jill Fitzgerald
  • Martin Nystrand
  • John R. Hayes
  • Charles A. Macarthur
  • Steve Graham
  • Jill Fitzgerald
  • Martin Nystrand
  • John R. Hayes
  • Gert Rijlaarsdam
  • Huub Van Den Bergh
  • Paul Prior
  • Mark Torrance
  • David Galbraith
  • Liliana Tolchinsky
  • Virginia W. Berninger
  • William D. Winn
  • Deborah McCutchen
  • Carol A. Donovan
  • Laura B. Smolkin
  • Suzanne Hidi
  • Pietro Boscolo
  • Frank Pajares
  • Gio Valiante
  • Timothy Shanahan
  • Carol Sue Englert
  • Troy V. Mariage
  • Kailonnie Dunsmore
  • Richard Beach
  • Tom Friedrich
  • George E. Newell
  • Michael W. Smith
  • Julie Cheville
  • George Hillocks, Jr.
  • Ruie J. Pritchard
  • Ronald L. Honeycutt
  • Arnetha F. Ball
  • Shelley Peterson
  • Gary A. Troia
  • Katherine Schultz
  • Robert D. Abbott
  • Dagmar Amtmann
  • Jeff Munson
  • Ted J. M. Sanders
  • Joost Schilperoord
  • Mark D. Shermis
  • Jill Burstein
  • Claudia Leacock
  • Brian Huot
  • Michael Neal
  • Kenneth R. Pugh
  • Stephen J. Frost
  • Rebecca Sandak
  • Margie Gillis
  • Dina Moore
  • Annette R. Jenner
  • W. Einar Mencl
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2006