Young British Muslims: Identity, Culture, Politics and the Media


The 7/7 bombings that shook London created a new, highly politicized atmosphere, especially for Britain's young Muslim population. Young British Muslims constructs a portrait of contemporary British Muslim identity through social constructs such as migration, settlement, religion, culture, socioeconomic status, and wider social environments.

Nahid Afrose Kabir is a long-time researcher of young Muslim identity in Australia and the UK. For this book, she conducts ethnographic fieldwork with more than two hundred young Muslims from five British cities: London, Leicester, Bradford, Leeds, and Cardiff. Her careful analysis and revealing interviews offer insight into the hopes and aspirations of British Muslims, and her impeccable selection of testimony represents a remarkable range of ethnicities: Algerian, Bangladeshi, Indian, Iranian, Iraqi, Kenyan, Libyan, Mauritius, Moroccan, Pakistani, Palestinian, Somali, Sudanese, Syrian, Yemeni, and English and Scottish converts. Emphasizing the value of biculturalism, Kabir paints a realistic and hopeful vision of Muslims and their successful integration into British society.

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