Of Centaurs and Doves: Guatemala's Peace Process


In this, the first book-length account of the historic signing of the Guatemalan peace accords in December 1996, Susanne Jonas assesses the content of the accords & their significance-for Guatemala, for Central America & Latin America over the long run, & for the Americas as a whole, including U.S.-Latin American relations. A sequel to The Battle for Guatemala, Of Centaurs & Doves picks up as the peace negotiations were beginning in Guatemala-after thirty years of civil war. Jonas describes the key moments & turning points in the peace process as well as the roles of the major domestic & international players, including the United Nations & the Assembly of Civil Society. Also examined are the accords themselves-their strengths & limitations-& the significance & implication of the accords for the western hemisphere. Because Of Centaurs & Doves extends its implications to the rest of Latin America, notably to Nicaragua, El Salvador, & the Southern Cone where transitions from military to civilian rule are also in process, it will attract Latin Americanists as well as Guatemala specialists. Contents: Prologue. Introduction. The Mined Road to Peace in Guatemala. Peace on What Terms? Dimensions of Democratization & the "De-Centauriazation" of Guatemala. The Stakes for Guatemala's Indigenous Majority. Was It Worth the Price? Dangerous Liaisons. "Peace Resisters": The Coming Battles for Implementation of the Accords & Future Prospects for Guatemala.