The Unseen Wall Street of 1969-1975: And Its Significance for Today


Long-time financial ad agency president Alec Benn offers a unique, first hand look at America's investment community, at a time of changes so profound that their impact, implications, and significance are still with us. Based on frank, revealing talks with people who participated in those events, on official oral histories (some now unavailable), and on his own well-informed observations, Benn reveals how The New York Stock Exchange nearly collapsed, and how changes that most affect investors today really came about. He provides rare insights into historical figures, such as Ross Perot and Richard Nixon, and their impact on events, and into others who caused, influenced, and sometimes opposed reforms we are still benefitting from. Informative, entertaining, and impeccably researched, Benn's book provides new information to evaluate the investment world today and to appreciate how dangerous it was at another time, a time that some say appears uncomfortably familiar.

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