What's Great about Kathy Burke?

Article excerpt

1 Who is she?

Where have you been?! She was the loud-mouthed ginger ``piece'' in the now sadly defunct BBC comedy Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and is comedy's equivalent of Kim Basinger.

2 What's she up to now?Well, not a lot of people know this but actress Kathy also likes to do a bit of directing for the theatre and at the moment she's got a play on in London. But more of that later.

3 We've heard she's a bit of a slob.Wrong! But she played a slob on telly namely Waynetta Slob on Harry Enfield and Chums, surrounded in cigarette smoke and alcohol-soaked clothes.

4 Is she a good actress?Our Kaff has a Cannes Best Actress Award for her startling performance in the film Nil By Mouth whereas the more conventionally beautiful Kim Basinger only secured a nomination, bless her.

5 Did she do a Paltrow and cry on the night?Nope. She simply said it was ``one of the most bootiful moments of my life.''

6 What else has she been in?She played against type as Elizabeth's sister in the film Elizabeth and is the only actress we know who can get, er, ``excited'' in a manly way on screen as seen in Kevin and Perry Go Large. …