Balance Sheet

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Wax On

Starting August 1, North Dakotans can legally get a bikini wax from state-licensed cosmetologists. Previously, the nether regions were not a recognized service area.

On Principle

National Security Council anti-terror official Rand Beers takes a stand and resigns, reportedly over concerns that the war on terror will take a backseat to the war in Iraq. Sure enough: Soon after, 4,000 Marines are switched from counter-terror to Iraq.

Why Not-Fi

McDonald's, Hilton, and Marriott are among the chains that join Starbucks in building Wi-Fi networks. Wireless Net connections attract customers, so a public network built with private dollars is evolving--and the cost should be recouped through higher sales.


Big agricultural companies get behind the African Agricultural Technology Foundation and promise to work toward improving food production on the famine-plagued continent. They'll focus on such crops as cowpeas, chickpeas, cassava, and sweet potatoes, which haven't yet been studied to improve yields.

Backseat Drivers

Attempts to allow cops to pull over unbuckled drivers fail in Virginia, West Virginia, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Utah. It could be that the buckle-enforcers' public relations approach needs work. "I sympathize with people who don't want to be told what to do, but it's not about them," Jeffrey Runge of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has explained.

Choice Decision

Florida's school voucher program quickly exhausts the $50 million budgeted for 15,000 scholarships for low-income kids to attend private schools. With long waiting lists after 55,000 applications, the state is confronted with proof of the little-advertised program's popularity. …