Health Care on Menu at Power Breakfast

Article excerpt

Byline: Mary Jo Przygoda Daily Herald Correspondent

It's expensive to be sick these days. Rising health care and insurance costs are claiming a larger portion of employees' paychecks.

Many Americans cannot even afford health insurance. They go without it.

Other issues, such as nursing shortages, doctor strikes and hospital closings also are affecting the health industry and the cost of being sick.

Three Lake County health experts, Tim Harrington of Vista Health, Bill Dwyer of Abbott Laboratories and Bill Mays of the Lake County Health Department will discuss the future of health care, its cost and the quality of care Wednesday morning at the Lake County Power Breakfast.

The breakfast is open to the public and begins 7:30 a.m. at Midlane Golf Resort in Waukegan.

"We will examine a wide range of health care issues with our guests, with a particular focus on the skyrocketing costs of health care and how these costs will be paid for," said Hal Coxon, moderator for the breakfast discussion.

"We also will discuss the types and quality of health care available in Lake County and how this might change in the future, as well as talk about future trends in the health care industry," Coxon said.

Harrington was named president and CEO of Victory Memorial Hospital in 1988 and soon became president of the parent corporation, Victory Health Services. …