LOCAL NEWSPAPER WEEK: Twenty Things You Should Know about Local Papers; AD FEATURE

Article excerpt

There are 1,300 regional and local newspapers in the UK today. (Source: The Newspaper Society)

84 per cent of British adults read a regional newspaper, making it the most widely-read medium in the country. (BMRB/TGI 2002)

Almost 40 per cent of adults who read a regional newspaper do not read a national daily. (BMRB/TGI 2002)

The most popular newspaper topic is local news - 40 per cent of adults say this is a category they find "very interesting". (BMRB/TGI 2002)

On average, people spend 32 minutes reading a paid-for regional newspaper. (JICREG Dec 2002)

Some 4,067 local newspapers are sold in the UK every minute. (Source: ABC/Independent audits)

More than 41 million regional newspapers are sold, and 29 million distributed free, every week. (Source: ABC/VFD/Independent audits)

UK people spend more than pounds 670 million each year on buying local papers (Source: Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2002).

There are over 600 regional newspaper websites (Source: The Newspaper Society)

There are around 100 regional press publishers in the UK, half of whom own just one local paper (Source: The Newspaper Society)

One in five adults wouldn't be without their local newspaper. (Source: Consumer's Choice IV 2000)

Regional press is considered by the UK population to be the most trustworthy of all media (24 per cent), followed by BBC TV (18 per cent). …