Philippine Cultural High School Celebrates Its 80th Anniversary at Manila Hotel Today

Article excerpt

Established in 1923, Philippine Cultural High School (formerly Philippine Chinese High School) is one of the first and the oldest former-Chinese secondary schools in the Philippines. It prides itself with a long tradition of quality basic education and a solid reputation of excellence in the Teaching of Chinese (Mandarin) as a Foreign Language Method.

Philippine Cultural High School (PCHS) has two campuses located at 1253 Jose Abad Santos Street, Tondo, Manila, and 175 8th Avenue Extension, Grace Park, Caloocan City, offer PAASCU-accredited pre-school, grade school, and high school programs, tri-lingual (Filipino, English, and Mandarin), medium of instruction, first-rate educational facilities, and a team of committed teachers and staff.

PCHS mandate is to educate Chinese-Filipino youths in the context of their roots, values, traditions, and heritage as both Chinese and Filipinos.

Specifically, it aims to expose students to the beauty of Chinese-Filipino culture, values, and heritage, and at the same time, instruct them according to the emerging demands and challenges of the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

PCHS provides students with a competitive advantage in education. It equips them with maximum functional literacy skills, tri-lingual fluency, and scientific, numerical, and technological competence. The curriculum harmonizes the precepts of traditional Chinese education with modern trends in Western pedagogy. The instruction is an integrated approach towards the promotion of Chinese-Filipino culture and heritage; fluent communication using Filipino, English, and Mandarin; and effective utilization of scientific, mathematical, and technological tools.

To supplement its basic education program, PCHS offers a wide range of services and activities for the total growth and development of the students. These include a wide range of co/extra-curricular activities as well as enriched guidance, counseling, and testing services. …