Emissions Test: Canada Ratified the Kyoto Protocol in December 2002, Committing Us to Reduce Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 240 Megatonnes Annually. Test Your Climate Change Savvy! (Alternatives Quiz)

Article excerpt

1. The Kyoto Protocol requires Canadian industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next ten years. Which industry does the federal government plan to exempt from regulation under this protocol?

a) petroleum processing b) automobile assembly c) electricity production d) metal refining

2. Over the last quarter of the 20th century, the Canadian supply of primary energy doubled. According to Statistics Canada, which energy source declined most significantly as a percentage of total primary energy produced over this period?

a) coal b) natural gas c) nuclear power d) crude oil

3. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the earth's atmosphere and are believed to cause changes in our climate. Which one of the following IS NOT called a greenhouse gas?

a) sulphur dioxide b) carbon dioxide c) methane d) nitrous oxide

4. Over the last two decades, wind power has developed as a clean way of generating electricity. Which country now has 18 percent of its electricity produced by wind turbines?

a) Holland b) Mexico c) Japan d) Denmark

5. Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada have estimated what greenhouse gas emissions from Canadian industries would be by 2010 if current practices continued. Which industry was predicted to produce the most greenhouse gases?

a) power generation b) mining and manufacturing c) oil and gas d) passenger transportation

6. On the whole, Canada's oil and gas industry has been reluctant to support the Kyoto Protocol. Which chief executives spoke in favour of Kyoto in early 2003?

a) Arthur Irving of Irving Oil b) Jim Buckee of Talisman Energy c) Ron Brenneman of Petro-Canada d) Tim Faithful of Shell Canada

7. Discounting hydroelectricity, approximately what percentage of Canada's primary energy production is from renewable sources (geothermal, solar and wind systems)? …