Clogher Valley Show Round-Up

Article excerpt


EVENT 1 - 1.20m Boomerang: 1st R Smyth, Equality (J Dunlop); 2nd P Smyth, A Real One (D Aldred); 3rd T Bartlett, Sandvella (T Bartlett)

Young Riders Discovery League: 1st K McCoubrey, Elm Meg (N McCoubrey); 2nd T Britton, Madonja (O Taggart)

1.20m: 1th L Filan, Strandhill Hilton Clover (K O'Keefee); 2nd L McKee, Enrique (O McCormick); 3rd L Filan, Corballa Baracuda (M Quigley); 4th L McKee, Beltoy Clover (J V Primrose); 5th R Smyth, Erne Breeze (H Fitzpatrick)

EVENT 2 - 1.30m: 1st S Kilpatrick, Up and Over Comet (S Kilpatrick); 2nd L McKee, Nikita (J V Primrose); 4th H Smith, My College Boy (J O'Donnell); 5th D Nelson, Edenwood (D Nelson); 6th J O'Hagan, Lipari De T Orcy (J & D O'Hagan)

EVENT 3 - 1.00M: =1st l Laird, Kiltara Clover (L Laird); =1st A Torrens, The Big Gentleman (S Johnston); =1st P Smyth, Liscooley (G Smyth); =1st M Reid, Spin Doctor (M Reid); =1st L McKee, Colorado (L Johnston); =1st R Smyth, Two Ways (C L Spillane); =1st L McKee, Nakano (L McKee); =1st A Torrens, Kelsey Clover (A Torrens); =1st K Morgan, Shackletons Dream (W Lapsley); =1st L Laird, Not More Clover (J Downey)

EVENT 4 - 1.10M: =1st L Filan, Carlton Diamond (L Filan); =1st C Donnelly, Gentle Dawn (C Donnelly); =1st M Creighton, Ritchie Rich (M Creighton)

EVENT 5 - 0.90cm: =1st K Morgan, Vida Nove (K Mogran); =1st A Fitzpatrick, Erne Eile (A Fitzpatrick)

EVENT 6 - 128D: =1st J Woodward, Grange Whisper (J Woodward); =1st E Smyth, One More (T Fleming); =1st K Conroy, Only my Eqin (C Conroy)

EVENT 7 - 128CD: =1st K Conroy, Only my Eqin (C Conroy); =1st R Anderson, Mister Joe (G Anderson); =1st S Monteith, Sams Destiny (S Monteith); =1st E Smyth, One More (T Fleming)

EVENT 8 - 128ABC: 1st R Anderson, Master Joe (G Anderson); 2nd E Smyth, Redford Mayfly (R Smyth); 3rd S Pottie, Mischief Maker (A Freeman); 4th J Smith, Coneybeg Milly (M Hanley); 5th K Taggart, He Ott To Be (P Holmes); 6th K Parke, Little Miss Naughty (A Parke)

EVENT 9 - 138D: =1st K McKenzie, Derry Little Girl (H McKenzie); =1st J Smith, Wakely's Fox Hunter (V Howley); =1st A Kingham, Tyrone Molly (M Kinghan); =1st L Scott, Millbay (P Scott); =1st R Anderson, Corkeeran Jualti (Edward Persse); =1st K Parke, Manhatten Magic (Alywin Parke); =1st T Stewart, Gelvin Quinn (M Boyce)

EVENT 10 - 138CD: =1st C Leighton, Bally It Double Impact (C Leighton); =1st A Kingham, Tyrone Molly (M Kinghan); =1st M Woodward, Bally T Chisum (J Woodward); =1st K Parke, Manhatten Magic (A Parke); =1st T Stewart, Gelvin Quinn (M Boyce); =1st P McKenzie, Gerry's Pocket Money (H McKenzie)

EVENT 11 - 138 ABC: 1st J Smyth, Spotacular (N Smyth); 2nd K Parke, Hadgi Bei (A Parke); 3rd D Law, Fantastic Ms Fox (D Law); 4th C Liggett, Glascloune Sweeper (F Burke). …