RP as Call Center Hub Remains Untapped

Article excerpt

Byline: edu h. lopez

A top official of DTSI, a leading local systems integrator and technology solutions provider, said the potential of the Philippines as the contact center hub of the region remains untapped.

As the third largest English-speaking country in the world after the US and UK, the Philippines is an ideal location for contact centers with thousands of seats servicing multinational corporations and entities 24 hours a day, said Miguel Garcia, DTSI president and managing director.

DTSI is riding on the booming call industry as it aims a 100 percent growth of its business for 2003. We are servicing most of the large international outsourced contact center in the country, said Garcia.

DTSI is well-positioned to take on the challenge, having a large number of certified engineers and rapid response team on call 24 hours and seven days a week through our command center, said DTSI chief operating officer Mike Cardenas.

The company has also forged strategic alliances with some of the largest global solutions providers such Avaya, CableSolve, Cisco Systems, Lucent Technologies and Verint.

Cardenas noted the aggressive growth of the call center industry. It is an industry we cant afford to lose particularly the American market. We are competing with major countries for these seats but have the advantage in terms of good work ethics, language as well as a robust communication infrastructure. …