On Sharansky and Human Rights

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Reading Natan Sharansky's description of Israel as a great defender of human rights ("Sharansky says Israel gets bad rights rap," Nation, Thursday), I realize he probably was not imprisoned in Russia for speaking the truth, but more likely for grossly violating it.

It is strange that although Israel has violated some 60 U.N. resolutions and every paragraph in the Geneva Conventions, Mr. Sharansky still insists that it is a champion of human rights. Why should the standards of international law apply to Israel when Mr. Sharansky knows better? Stranger still, all of the Muslim world, and most of Europe, too, is repelled by the very name of Israel because of its widely witnessed brutality toward the Palestinians, yet Mr. Sharansky says we should be "proud Jews" because Israel is a "unique example in [the] history of democracy." Shall we also be proud of Mr. Sharansky's veracity, because he alone seems to know the truth about Israel in spite of its "bad rap"?

Israel is fortunate to have such a passionate spokesman - no doubt the student who, at his last speaking engagement, pitched a cream pie in his face merely misunderstood the profundity of Mr. Sharansky's insight.


New York


In Julia Duin's otherwise informative article, "Sharansky says Israel gets bad rights rap," Miss Duin writes:

"Mr. …