Fun at Work Is No Laughing Matter; SASHA MANSWORTH Reports on the Benefits to Be Had from a Bit of Humour in the Workplace It Can Boost Morale and Increase Productivity

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FORGET Tony Blair and Berti Vogts the Number One role model for Scots bosses is a most unlikely character.

When it comes to figureheads fictional or real life the top choice comes as a real surprise: hapless hotelier Basil Fawlty from the cult television comedy Fawlty Towers.

That's the surprise finding of Bibby Factors Scotland's latest research into what makes Scottish bosses tick.

More than a quarter of Scots managers voted for Fawlty, beating stiff competition from well-known figureheads such as Tony Blair.

Almost 30 per cent opted for flamboyant Virgin boss Richard Branson, while 11 per cent named David Brent from BBC TV's The Office as Britain's best TV boss.

David Matthewson, sales director of Bibby Factors Scotland, said: ``The choice of Fawlty as the favourite celebrity/TV boss suggests Scottish entrepreneurs have a sense of humour and favour different approaches to leadership and appreciate a sense of fun in the workplace.

``This view is being increasingly backed by larger, blue-chip organisations such as First Direct and Shell, who have all worked with a humour consultancy to introduce laughter into the workplace.

``Benefits, such as improvements to productivity, morale, teamwork and staff retention, can be gained if owners and managers can introduce more humour and social interaction into the work environment. …