Spotlight on Vignettes Art

Article excerpt

Since its inception in 2001, Vignettes Art has taken a firm hold on several art-related fronts. The fine art publisher, which focuses on printing limited-edition canvas giclees" has produced a line of branded products, added a digital printing arm to its operation and established a showcase art gallery in Las Vegas.

The branded products are offered in limited and open editions. The open editions are reproductions of covers from The New Yorker magazine. The limited-edition prints incorporate photographs taken by magicians Siegfried and Roy that are transferred to canvas digitally and then enhanced by artist Juergen Aldag The final result is signed by all three contributors.

Name recognition translates into sales, noted Dennis Elliott, vice president of international marketing for Vignettes Art. "With the Siegfried and Roy works, we are able to utilize their spotlight to acquaint and educate people on fine art," said Elliot. "People who like Siegfried and Roy on stage will cross over to the galleries. This program attracts new buyers to the art market."

Elliot also thinks The New Yorker covers will attract new customers. "Vignettes Art is very excited and honored to be associated with one of the most prestigious publications in America. The New Yorker vintage covers are a reflection of the styles of artwork being produced in the United States.

"Over the decades, there is a clear correlation between the fine art styles and movements in our culture historically and the artwork produced for each cover published by The New Yorker. Vignettes Art plans to establish this program as a way to bring this history into the homes of America and abroad," he continued. "When you consider what our country has endured in the past few years, this program is both timely and sentimental to all Americans."

The diversity in cover themes allows galleries to create their own specialized programs, he added. "Gallery owners can pick images based on special dates important to their areas. They may decide upon certain titles that show seasonal themes, certain events in the history of our country, or perhaps they will exhibit The New Yorker images in their gallery based on the style of artwork they currently carry." The covers offered date back to 1925.

The Siegfried & Roy/Aldag images are published in canvas print editions of 325 and 60 "studio proofs" per edition in three sizes. Prices range from $900 to $3,500. Although The New Yorker covers are open editions, Vignettes will provide commemorative certificates to those who purchase the first 500 prints of each series. The covers retail for $395 each.

Other artists in Vignettes' stable include Jim Stallings, who is known as a "Painter of Music" thanks to his commissioned performances on stage with symphony orchestras, where he translates the sound of music into original paintings. Other Vignettes artists include Andrew Annenberg, whose paintings focus on the traditions of ancient cultures; Bruno Di Maio, a figurative artist who lives in Tuscany; Piero Resta, who paints in pure pigments in gesso and creates large-scale sculpture in wood, marble bronze and stone; and Vital, a former Cirque Du Soleil performer turned artist. …