Sport Is Running Scared; AS DRUGBUSTERS PLEDGE TO WIDEN THE NET IN WAR ON DOPING...(2) FBI Demand Boxer's Urine and Rugby Is Next for Test

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THE FBI stepped up the fight against designer steroids last night in their bid to nail a worldwide conspiracy to cheat in all major professional sports.

The American law enforcement agency took the unprecedented step of demanding urine samples from world boxing champion Shane Mosley.

In a separate development, players at the Rugby World Cup in Australia were warned they will be tested for tetrahydrogestrinone (THG) during the next few days.

Mosley won the world light-middleweight title last month by controversially beating fellow American Oscar de la Hoya in Las Vegas.

The FBI ordered the Nevada boxing authorities to hand over the urine sample Mosley gave after the fight. They want it tested for THG.

Mosley is a client of Victor Conte, boxing authorities to hand over the urine sample that Mosley gave after the fight.

They want it tested for THG.

Mosley is a client of Victor Conte, the California-based nutritionist who supplied supplements to Dwain Chambers.

The British sprinter tested positive for THG in August.

A grand jury investigation into Conte's company, the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) in San Francisco, began yesterday and criminal charges may be brought against those involved in obtaining prize money by the use of illicit drugs.

Mosley is among the 40 or so professional sportsmen and women subpoenaed to be witnesses for the prosecution.

Also among them are baseball star Barry Bonds, sprinters Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery and several American football players.

U.S. authorities are interested in the laboratory not only over alleged tax evasion and money laundering, as lawyers have claimed, but in its capacity for drug production. Anabolic steroids and human growth hormones are alleged to have been found in a raid on the firm last month.

Another star unmasked yesterday was U.S. runner Regina Jacobs, a former middle-distance world indoor record-holder and 15 times American champion.

She was one of four athletes caught by a re-examination of the test results from samples they gave at June's U.S. Championships.

Jacobs beat Britain's Kelly Holmes to the 1500 metres gold medal at the World Indoor Championships staged Rugby Board anti-doping manager Tim Ricketts said: 'We wanted to be on the front foot to make sure we got first bite of the cherry with our World Cup samples.' The board informed the 20 competing teams that they can now test for THG and will apply the new procedure to all urine samples collected from next week.' Retrospective analysis may also be implemented by the Australian Sports Drugs Agency, the IRB's contracted drug testers at the World Cup. …