Daredevil Divers Swept out to Sea Live to Regret the Ultimate Rush

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FOUR divers who were swept miles out to sea after a daredevil stunt went wrong were rescued after a massive search operation yesterday.

The three men and a woman lost contact with their launch boat in rough seas after diving into the notoriously strong tides of the Pentland Firth.

Two were discovered floating six and a half miles west of their starting point and winched aboard an RAF rescue helicopter, while the other two - who needed immediate medical attention - were found just before darkness fell, having drifted six miles.

During the four hour search off the coast of Caithness, three lifeboats, three coastguard units and local fishing boats joined two helicopters in the hunt for the divers.

The first pair rescued were Geoff Harris from Stirling and Dr David Steele, a scientist who works for AEA Technology at Doun-reay.

Graeme Bremner and Jennifer Clyne were found shortly afterwards.

Coastguards said the divers were lucky to have survived.

The strong tides in the Pentland Firth make the area a mecca for sport divers.

Pentland coastguard watch manager Dave Robinson said: 'These four were very lucky indeed. …