Kilted Kitty out for Stardom

Article excerpt


THE adventures of Maisie the Cat, the kilt-wearing moggy from Morningside in Edinburgh , have brought laughter to thousands of children.

But now the popular star of children's books and her feline friends Professor Mackenzie and Mrs McKitty are pinning their hopes on a career in television after they were dropped by Maisie's publishers.

Amaising Publishing House, based at Broxburn, West Lothian, decided not to renew Maisie's contract although it built up its success around her exploits.

However, the celebrity kitten will soon be making new friends through a television series starting in the autumn. It will bring Maisie and Edinburgh into the international television arena with plans to include landmarks from the capital.

Aileen Paterson, creator of Maisie, left the publishing company after it decided to sell off the its business, handing over its authors - less Mrs Paterson to sister company Glowworm Books. It is believed there was a contractual wrangle with Mrs Paterson. …