I Was Driven out by Racial Abuse, Says English Labourer

Article excerpt

AN Englishman claimed yesterday he was driven out of his job at a Scots engineering firm by torrents of racist abuse from his work colleagues.

Labourer Tony Bolton said he quit his job with the Screen Manufacturing Company after months of derogatory comments and threats of violence.

He claimed the taunts have left him psychologically scarred and unable to get another job more than a year later.

Mr Bolton, who is claiming racial discrimination, told an industrial tribunal in Dundee: 'It began the instant I started at the company.

At first I thought it was an initiation test but it got worse.

'The called me all kinds of names, including "white settler". Almost every one of them was calling me names. They wanted to provoke me into doing something that would give the managing director a reason to fire me.' Mr Bolton, 40, from Birmingham, said he had also been the victim of pranks. He said workmates deliberately tangled electric cables so he would have to spend time untangling them before he could start a task.

He left the firm in September 1996 after 11 weeks and took up a job at a local hotel.

But a few weeks later, a director of Screen Manufacturing, of Friokheim, Angus, told him the main perpetrator of the racist abuse was leaving and he would be welcomed back. …