The Crack: James Fenton: Ye Cannae Bit Alloo Tha Eh Bes Far an Awa Tha Bess Screevener, Poet

Article excerpt

Conal Gillespie talks about the recent 'historical' landmark of a reading in Ulster-Scots for National Poetry Day at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast

A AFTEN wonner gif thae Ayrshire fowk wha heered Burns declaim es poems in tha Scotch leid hed onie notion ava tha thir wus history getting maide afore thair een.

A wus thinking lang aboot that ha ither nicht mothering hame frae Bilfawst efter gien a lug tae James Fenton raidin es poems in tha Linenhaa Library fer National Poetry Dae. Noo ivrieboadie wha knaws James Fenton wud greet ha eh bees a plain an gyely modest man an no tha kin tae blaw es ain trumpet ava. Hooiniver, ye cannae bit alloo tha eh bes far an awa tha bess screevener an poet wrochtin in tha Ulster Scots leid thedae.

A houl ye tha feck o tha students, teachers an ither boadies wha gaithered in tha Linenhaa tae heir tha furst iver raidin in Ulster Scots fer National Poetry Dae wud gree wi thon. Quhan ye gae tae heir James Fenton raidin ye get guid velue. Quhan eh raid es poems aboot kintra lif an tha nattaral warld quhat ye heered wus a kintra boadie wha knaws weel an hes thocht lang aboot lif in kintra airts lang sine. A wie o leein tha bes, maistly, deid an awa fer iver. …