FREE Stephen King Stephen King Novel Worth [Pounds Sterling]6.99

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WE have a great offer for Scottish Daily Mail readers this week.

Collect the tokens and you can claim a free copy of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher, worth [pounds sterling]6.99, from your local SPAR.

Dreamcatcher is one of many bestsellers from top author Stephen King. Novels such as Carrie, The Shining and Misery have flowed from the pen of the master storyteller.

Dreamcatcher tells the story of four men who, when they were children, were best friends. As adults, they get together once a year to go hunting.

But this time, things do not go according to plan. A man comes stumbling into their camp, lost, disorientated and muttering about lights in the sky.

Before long these old friends will be plunged into the most remarkable events of their lives as they struggle with a terrible creature from another world.

Their only chance of survival is locked in their shared past - and in the Dreamcatcher. …