Mother Who Spun Round to a Dog and Ruines Her Life

Article excerpt

IT was such a simple, everyday thing to do, but it ruined Becky Lock's life.

She faces the prospect of spending her days in a wheelchair after cricking her neck while turning her head to shout at the family dog.

The movement twisted a muscle, which triggered a brain disorder that has left Mrs Lock, 26, registered as disabled. Her head is painfully pulled to the right and she must wear a neck brace for support.

`It has destroyed my life,' she said yesterday. `How can a stiff neck lead to this nightmare?'

A quick turn to reprimand her dog Boozer when he jumped on to an armchair caused a freak spasm that triggered spasmodic torticollis, a disorder in which the brain sends bogus messages to neck muscles to pull the head sideways.

She is in constant pain and her right arm and leg are both weak and regularly give way without warning.

Mrs Lock, husband Martin, 33, and daughter Rosina, one, were having a meal at home in Charfield, near Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, when Boozer, a doberman and collie cross, jumped on the chair.

`I turned around to shout and felt a pain as if something was tearing,' recalled Mrs Lock. `At first we laughed because my neck was pulled to the right but we never realised it would never heal. …