Raven Evermore

Article excerpt

REQUIEM. Last year, epic poet-painter-dramatist Alex Hufana, and poet-painter Larry Francia were laid to rest. This year, its the turn of poet-fictionist (English and Tagalog)-painter Andres Cristobal Cruz, Palanca prize winner, Republic Heritage and TOYM (Ten Outstanding Young Men) awardee. As with Ravens Hufana and Francia, necrological services for Andy will be at the U.P. chapel on Friday.

Of the flock of 19 (including National Artist for Literature Nick Joaquin and poet-cineast Virgie R. Moreno), nine remain. Its tempting fate to name each of them. Let it only be said that those who left live in them and in their works.

Summarized Andy in the second Raven anthology, To the Asian consciousness, the Raven is symbol, indeed, of immortality. The bird image abounds in Philippine art and literature. It is also Akoy isang ibong sawi the bird of misfortune; or Ibon mang may layang lumipad the captive bird of freedom in the struggle for nationalism against American imperialism. And in the dance, the tinikling or flitting bird refusing to be trapped in the bamboo brakes. …