Sophos Lead in Anti-Virus Competitive Analysis Test

Article excerpt

In a competitive analysis of enterprise anti-virus applications conducted by VeriTest, a division of Lionbridge Technologies, Sophos Anti-Virus led competitors solutions in several key areas including most frequent virus updates, fastest scan speed, and smallest virus signature size. For a copy of the report, visit

VeriTest performed a detailed competitive analysis of Sophoss desktop anti-virus solution version 3.75 against competitors and focused on three areas for each product: ease of product installation, scheduling accuracy and total time for scheduled scans, and procedures for updating virus definitions.

"These independent results validate Sophoss ability to provide antivirus software that meets the stringent virus protection requirements of businesses," said Charles Cousins. "Network administrators demand antivirus software that is simple and quick to install, scans efficiently, and most importantly can be rapidly updated against new virus threats with minimal impact on network performance. Based on the testing, Sophos Anti-Virus meets these needs better than any other major virus vendor."

Meanwhile, to keep up the practice of providing customers with fast updates, Sophos unveiled its enhancements to its automated virus protection tool, Enterprise Manager (EM) Library. …