National Research Council of the Philippines 71st Annual Meeting to Be Held at the Manila Hotel

Article excerpt

CREATED by Act No. 4120, passed on December 8, 1933, by the Ninth Philippine Legislature, the National Research Council of the Philippines (NRCP) has been tasked to take charge of the promotion of science advancement through research.

In 1982, the NRCP saw a significant reorganization when the then National Science and Technology Authority (NSTA), by virtue of Executive Order No. 784, was directed to serve as a Sectoral Council to engage primarily in supporting research of a more basic and fundamental nature, in contrast to the applied research orientation of the other councils under the NSTA System.

In 1990, the NSTA was further reorganized and the original name of the organization, NRCP, was restored. The Council carried the mandate of providing assistance for the development of the research capabilities of the individual scientists and institutes in all regions of the country, acting as advisory body on problems/issues affecting the country, and establishing scientific linkages, both locally and internationally.

Over the past years, the NRCP has undertaken various programs and projects in pursuit of its mandated functions. The major accomplishments for the period include the publication of its journal, the continuous conduct of science and technology promotion and information activities through exhibits, press releases, and media appearances, the sponsorship of scientific meetings, symposiums, and seminar-workshops, the conduct of regional outreach programs to develop research capacities among scholars in the regions, the expansion of its membership through the recruitment of new associate members and the election of regular members, and the dispensing of funding assistance to research and development projects as well as grants for masteral and doctoral students. …