International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Article excerpt

THE United Nations has taken the lead in addressing drug abuse and illicit trafficking. It began when the United Nations Convention on Narcotic Drugs banned a wide range of drugs in 1961. Since then, the United Nations has continued to address the drug abuse and trade issue on the broadest level. To promote effective cooperation among nations, the United Nations observes International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking each June 26. On this particular day, we are reminded that the resulting harm that drugs cause individuals and society outweigh possible benefits from the pleasure of their use in a recreational context. In Manila, the observance begins today with the opening of a two-week art exhibition on drug abuse by elementary and high school students at the Manila Central Post Office Building, Liwasang Bonifacio.

Drug use, abuse, and trafficking have generally come to be seen as the social problems of the 20th century. The discussion has gone through cycles of public awareness, concern, and indifference, and its damaging effect on society has emerged as never before. The manufacturing, cultivation, and trafficking of drugs has become another aspect of the global problem of narcotic abuse, which has called for the widest possible cooperation among nations.

In the last decade, international drug trafficking networks have increased, accompanied by political changes and social transitions brought by modernization and the rapid decline in traditional family relationships. …