The DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management

Article excerpt

It seems like it has only been a few week since the last Journal hit the streets; they seem to come fast and furious. The cover article in this edition covers the annual funding allocations for fiscal year 2004 Foreign Military Financing, International Military Education and Training, Economic Support Fund, Peacekeeping Operations, and other programs. As always, there is a lot of country-specific comments, so take a thorough look. I know everybody is interested in this issue every year as many ask when it will be published.

I will be brief, not trying to outline all the story lines here, but human rights gets id due. Note that the annual State Department Country Reports on Human Rights Practices have recently been released. Additionally, from Department of State, we have perspectives looking at the Middle East, Europe and Eurasia, East Asia and the Pacific, as well as Africa and Latin America. Certainly something for everyone!

I will call your attention to the last two articles in this edition. Note the Department of State's report on "Direct Commercial Sales Authorizations for Fiscal Year 2003." This article provides some numbers of permanent export and manufacturing, and technical assistance license applications. It also provides insight on how these play into multi-year periods with joint venture, co-production and other similar programs. …