Football: PISTE TAKER; Queiroz Lashes Becks: 'He Went Skiing While Figo Sweated It Out'

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Byline: Andy DUNN

DAVID BECKHAM spent too much time skiing with his wife to make an impact at Euro 2004, it was claimed last night.

In the strongest attack yet on the England captain, Carlos Queiroz - his manager at Real Madrid last season - turned on Becks.

Beckham had claimed he lacked fitness during the finals because of the training regime at Real.

But Queiroz raged: "In the last three weeks of the season Luis Figo was at every training session, giving 100 per cent, while you'll have to look at those that David missed for one motive or another.

"Figo wasn't skiing while his team was still in the Champions League, and that's where the difference lies. In the final analysis, one player keeps performing until the end and the other doesn't.

"David missed sessions for one reason or another. And sometimes for no reason at all.

"I'm not hurt by what David said but the reality is there for everyone to see.''

And Queiroz, who has returned to Manchester United as No.2 to Sir Alex Ferguson, continued: "I am not surprised by Beckham's comments as he has always had excuses.

"He's always making personal excuses. When he failed at the World Cup in Korea, and when he failed in Portugal, he always has an excuse. …