As They See It

Article excerpt

"Today, I'll be serving up a billion dollars in savings for PG&E customers, identity theft legislation and power plant stating rules, along with bacon and eggs, getting my shopping list together and preparing to can."

--California Senator Debra Bowen in The Sacramento Bee. She was protesting a pastor's statement that it is "sinful" for female legislators to work if they have small children.

"Please don't put the repo man on the street."

--Johnny Wyatt of the Louisiana City Marshals Association in The Times Picayune on a bill that would allow lenders to repossess the vehicles of delinquent borrowers. Wyatt is concerned because of the state's "shoot the burglar law."

"Here we are, six months before November, with an election that looks like something out of Sesame Street: The 2004 presidential race, brought to you by the colors red and blue."

--Christian Science Monitor columnist Dante Chinni on political polarization in America today.

"Wall Street reaffirmed Virginia's financial reputation today, saying the state's decisions to revamp the tax code and freeze a popular program to cut car taxes justify its triple-A, best-in-the-nation credit rating."

--A Washington Post article.

"State lawmakers, not the federal government, are the primary regulators of professional medical conduct."

--Judge Richard C. …