Whistle-Blowing: Act of Betrayal or Patriotism?

Article excerpt

WHISTLE-blowers are inside agents, squealers who betray people with covert information for good or ill.

They are associated with such derisive monikers as moles, stool pigeons, squeakers, blabbers, tipsters you name it.

If they are that bad, why is the government going out of its way to protect them?

In the first place, the Arroyo administration is encouraging people to become whistle-blowers and, in fact, is seeking to pass a law that would provide them refuge against possible reprisals.

This is according to a Malacanang announcement which said that among the proposals that came out during a recent Legislative-Executive Advisory Council meeting was the enactment of a measure that would protect whistle-blowers.

The announcement was in connection with the planned convening of the Presidential Council on Value Formation which President Gloria Arroyo herself chairs.

As everybody knows, the Council was formed to draw up strategies to root out the sticky problem of graft and corruption in the high places in government.

The President will lead the movement to inculcate moral values and high ethical standards among civil servants, means that Malacanang believes could be effective in exorcising corruption in public office.

But that is only part of the whole strategy to combat corruption: Whistle-blowing is another.

Whistle-blowing happens when an employee learns of certain corrupt practices in a government office and he or she exposes them and thus save enormous sum of public fund. …