RP among Top 4 Global Leaders in IT Outsourcing

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The Philippines is one of the top four leaders in offshore outsourcing market that include India, Canada and Israel, a survey of 101 information technology executives conducted by a top management magazine in the US revealed.

This was revealed in the Offshore Outsourcing/Global Guide study of CIOs July issue.

"English proficiency and business make the Philippines a solid choice for business process outsourcing, the CIO reported affirming the countrys claim to being an IT Services Hub in Asia.

Up and comers in this business are China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hungary, Poland Russian Federation, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil. Among the rookies are Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Costa Rica and Argentina.

The CIO survey rankings are based on the maturity of the industry, the size of the market, the availability and cost of skilled labor and the infrastructure (both government support and actual technology infrastructure) to support a significant IT services market.

Among the Philippine advantages cited by the study include historic military presence, high percentage of English speakers with American accent and Filipinos brought up with aim to please attitude.

The magazine also reported an estimated 15,000 technology graduates annually.

"The CIO survey is a strong endorsement of our competitive advantage in attracting IT projects from well established global firms, Trade and Industry Secretary Cesar V. Purisima said.

But Purisima stressed the need to remain competitive to maintain leadership in this sector by improving the skills of graduates in English, in core academic knowledge such as mathematics, science and programming.

"Competitiveness is the name of the game and our human resources is our best weapon. Educational institution is key to this competitiveness program and we are encouraged that some schools have been working at upgrading some of these skills specifically English proficiency, Purisima said. …