An Urgent Note to Our Readers

Article excerpt

Dear Friends,

Because of monetary constraints, Midstream will become a bi-monthly journal, publishing six issues a year, as of January/February 2005. Our cover price will rise to $4 an issue, but our annual domestic subscription rate for the six issues will remain $21 per year, $35 for two years, and $50 for three. We fervently hope that these adjustments will help to keep us solvent and functioning for many years to come as one of the leading intellectual Zionist journal in America.

But we need your help in these difficult times for most magazines, especially for those centering on Jewish content. We are non-profit. We cover the full spectrum of responsible Zionist opinion on all issues affecting Israel. We explore all the varied aspects of Jewish life in America and worldwide--political, sociological, religious, and cultural. We are, perhaps, the sole remaining venue for fiction and poetry in English with Jewish content and reference.

Last August, Jossey-Bass, an imprint of John Wiley & Sons, published a book called Best Jewish Writing 2003, edited by Arthur Kurzweil. It contained dozens of independently chosen pieces on Jewish themes culled from magazines and books throughout America and even elsewhere. The second largest number of works chosen from one single source was four. The first was fifteen--all chosen from Midstream--seven articles, two short stories, and six poems. I think that this would be reason enough and validation enough to elicit your enthusiastic support.

We call upon all our readers to subscribe to Midstream, to renew subscriptions, and to urge their friends and relatives to do so too. We call upon all who submit manuscripts to Midstream, not only to hope for acceptance of their work, which is quite understandable, but also to vote with their pocketbooks for the survival of this inimitable publication that is so receptive to American/Jewish authors. …