The Controversy over Filipino Performing Artists in Japan

Article excerpt

THE Criminal Investigation and Detection Groups dismissing Roland Thys case of operating a cybersex den in Pampanga was based on a flimsy reason. They alleged that indicting Thy for possession of the seized articles, which they themselves indubitably considered as paraphernalia for trafficking pornography, would expand the law. Look, the items seized in Thys possession included dildos, vibrators, among other things. Clearly, probable cause existed to indict for the court to decide. Not CIDG to dismiss the case.

* * *

After Philippine Journalists, Inc. was turned over to its private owners, in hindsight, it would seem its case of tax liability to the government must have been very controversial, considering the case had been ruled on by the Court of Tax Appeals, Court of Appeals, and recently the Supreme Court. This is not so. Actually, the ratio decidendi (reasons) in their respective decisions are the same, thus no conflict among their decisions. All three courts ruled as invalid PJIs waiver to invoke as defense the prescribed period for the BIR to assess its tax.

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Its fair that the Overseas Performing Artists (OPAs) urge the government request Japan for a five-year transition before implementing its new immigration system. …