Ebony Fashion Fair Chairpersons

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THE elegance, glamor and flair that are synonymous with the world's premier traveling fashion show will be on display again when the Ebony Fashion Fair show resumes its 47th annual production on January 6 in Bowling Green, Ky.

The "Living It Up" tour features exquisite styles from a variety of designers, whose artistry will be exhibited in 176 cities by the time the show ends on May 15 in Montreal, Canada. The award-winning show also includes items from the collections of the top fashion houses in the United States and Europe.

Mrs. Eunice W. Johnson, wife of EBONY Publisher John H. Johnson, is the show's producer, and she selects the designs that are highlighted in the show,

Noted nonprofit groups sponsor the fashion show in each city, and the following are the chairpersons who help coordinate the shows in their respective cities.

James Walker

Ancient Landmark Lodge #28

Bowling Green, Ky.

Jan. 6

Sharon Glanton Kelly

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Dothan, Ala.

Jan. 15

Stacey Threatt

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Lakeland Fla.

Jan. 26

Alice Williams

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Valdosta, Ga.

Feb. 4

Marie Baker Wilson

Delta Sigma Theta

Atlanta, Ga.

Feb. 13

Kathy Jones


Columbus, Miss.

Feb. 22

Sylvia Clark

Delta Sigma Theta

Jackson, Tenn.

Jan. 7

Mary Marshall

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Montgomery, Ala.

Jan. 16

Reva Watson

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Melbourne, Fla.

Jan. 27

Cynthia Bennett

Jack & Jill of America

Columbia, S.C.

Feb. 5

Evelyn Hamilton

Delta Sigma Theta

Rome, Ga.

Feb. 14

Vernita Woodfork

Delta Sigma Theta

Greenwood, Miss.

Feb. 23

Jeanette Crowder

Faith Unlimited, Inc.

Nashville, Tenn.

Jan. 8

Vernell McCray

The Charmettes, Inc.

Tallahassee, Fla.

Jan. 18

Deborah Varnadore-Simmons

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Miami, Fla.

Jan. 28

Spencer Pryor

The Auxiliary of Charleston

Charleston, S.C.

Feb. 6

Coretta Holmes


Chattanooga, Tenn.

Feb. 15

Anissa Centers

Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of Mobile

Mobile, Ala.

Feb. 25

Regina Robinson

Delta Sigma Theta

Birmingham, Ala.

Jan. 9

Verna Johnson

Zeta Phi Beta

Gainesville, Fla.

Jan. 19

Carla L. Holt

Delta Sigma Theta

Orlando, Fla.

Jan. 29

Floyd Brockington

Kappa Alpha Psi

Florence, S.C.

Feb. 8

Billy Pitts

Macon Middle UNCF & Tubman Museum

Macon, Ga.

Feb. 16

Martha Jones

Alpha Kappa Alpha

New Orleans, La.

Feb. 26

Roy Yvette Clements

Talladega College & The Friends of Talladega College

Talladega, Ala.

Jan. 11

Geri Culbreath

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Brunswick, Ga.

Jan. 20

Tia Young

Tampa-Hillsborough Urban League Guild

Tampa, Fla.

Jan. 30

Judith Waddell

Delta Sigma Theta

Fayetteville, N.C.

Feb. 9

Donald DuPont

Savannah State Alumni

Savannah, Ga.

Feb. 17

Marian Heath Griffin

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Baton Rouge, La.

Feb. 27

Evon Webster

Delta Sigma Theta

Huntsville, Ala.

Jan. 12

Levon Spradley Burnett

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Jacksonville, Fla. …