Here's What You Think. ROYAL WEDDING

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READERS have been voting on our website on the question - "Charles and Camilla are going to marry. Do you approve?"

After the first 24 hours the vote stood at 40 per cent in favour of the wedding, and 60 per cent against. Some of your reactions to the news as sent in by text and e-mail.

SO much fuss about something that should not have been permitted.

Had Charles met Camilla after Diana's death everyone would have been pleased for him.

But to marry the very woman who broke Diana's heart because of Charles' adultery is sordid to even think about.

How could the Royal Family even think of permitting such a union.

Gwen Taylor, Whitmore Park Road, Holbrooks.

CHARLES has bin messin round with Camilla 4 years. I think it's a slap in the face 4 Diana who we all loved God rest her soul. She will never be a patch on Diana.

Terri, Stoke, Coventry.

IT'S not "Royal", she does not have the "Bible right" to re-marry....

Qua Loop, Hazard, Kentucky

LET Charles marry Camilla if he so wishes but if he does he should not be king.

Avril Armour, Horsham

I FEEL that Diana should be allowed to rest in peace and that Charles and Camilla should be able to move on in their lives. …