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Pic of the Past

A PIC from the recent past today, but one that looks from many years ago.

This is the Lower Precinct market, taken just 15 years ago in August, 1990.

There were calls at the time to make the market more popular and improve its image, with criticism that it was tacky and messy.

Today's covered Lower Precinct is barely recognisable from this, with the cafe culture having arrived and the market long-gone.

We must show more care for tourism assets

THE Evening Telegraph report (February 9) on the cancellation of phase two and three of the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum extension was a shock, but I wonder if they will now move back the archives into Mandela House?

Will CV One also move back into the Tourist Information Centre in what is an ideal location to serve the many visitors who visit the city?

It's also good to see concern over the use of St Mary's Guildhall, which is a major tourist attraction.

I welcome Spire Music promoting a series of classical music concerts and occasional jazz concerts. But the Guildhall can only take so much, so please let's show care for what is a national treasure and a big hit with tourists and visitors.

Roger Bailey, blue badge tourist guide, Allesley Park, Coventry.

No Labour support

IN response to T D Prewett (Your Views, February 7), relating to single status, he states in his second paragraph "the Tories have shown their true colours in backing the agreement with the help of Labour councillors".

Like a fair number of letters in Your Views, statements are made without any foundation of accuracy and maybe T D Prewett would confirm which Labour councillor told him that we would be backing the Tories' proposals to impose single status on the workforce?

While the first part of the paragraph is true, in as much as the Tories are showing their true colours, I can assure all the people of Coventry that this is not with the help of Labour councillors.

In fact we moved an amendment to the recommendations that called for further time for negotiations with the trade unions to deal with outstanding anomalies and appeals.

We also believe that it is inappropriate to force new pay levels on staff while we are awaiting an independent review of job evaluations.

Cllr John Mutton, leader of the Labour Group, Earl Street.

Lives not risked

I REFER to R J Thompson's letter (Your Views, February 2) in replying to Janet Cummings letter regarding her concern about a pigeon stuck down a 4ft hole.

Common sense says this bird was unable to regain flight without assistance. Pigeons are more intelligent than to fly down holes, especially one from which they are unable to escape.

Obviously this bird had been stunned or traumatised in some way. That would account for it not moving, otherwise, at the very least it would have been flapping frantically to escape its predicament.

Had the pigeon the ability to fly out of the hole it would have tried to do so immediately as people started looking down the hole.

R J Thompson reacted as if the whole fire brigade had turned up.

Firemen would not put any lives at risk. None was, therefore the suggestion was hypothetical.

George Clement, Norfolk Street, Spon End.

Different steps

I WAS saddened to read Helena Markovic's criticism of Patsy Palmer and Stepping Out at the Belgrade (Evening Telegraph, February 8). It made me wonder if we had seen the same play on Monday evening.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, as did most of the audience, judging by the applause.

The sets were first class and the cast performed excellently. If you have booked for the show expect to have a good time and you will not be disappointed.

Derek Jones, Woodway Lane, Woodway Park.

Post Office will lose out to friendly banks

I HAVE just read an article in the Evening Telegraph about the closure of Stoke Green Post Office and a gentleman who is in difficulty. …