Examining the Women's Movement

Article excerpt

As part of the its 30th year anniversary, Isis International Manila partnered with several global, regional and local women's networks for a series of feminist debates on issues of critical concern to the women's movement.

Earlier this year, Isis Manila collaborated with Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN), The African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), Women's International Coalition for Economic Justice(WICEJ), among others, for the international Feminist Dialogues (FD) that took place on 14-15 January 2004 in Mumbai, India. Held in conjunction with the World Social Forum, FD was an opportunity for women from a broad spectrum of political platforms and advocacy positions to meet and discuss on four thematic areas: Reproductive Rights, Sexuality, Human Rights, and Local and Global Movements. (1)

This was followed a few months later by a one-day forum entitled "At the Crossroads: Rethinking the Critical Advocacies of the Women's Movement." In April 2004, Isis Manila and the Women and Gender Institute (WAGI) of Miriam College, Philippines, cosponsored a forum that examined and evaluated two advocacy agendas important to the women's movement: Violence Against Women (VAW) and Gender Mainstreaming.

Building on the momentum from these two events, Isis Manila invited feminist from different regions to an online discussion entitled "Examining Feminist and Social Movements" last August. The discussion revolved around the following topics:

* How are the women's or feminist movements faring in the social movements, and how does this relate to movement building?

* How do we push our agenda amongst social movements?

* How do we build stronger alliances with social movements?

* What is our analysis of global women's and social movements?, and

* What are some possible strategies and recommendations for future action?

The discussion was moderated by Susanna George, former executive director of Isis Manila.


susanna1911: Hi everyone! We are just waiting for three more people to join the list. We can all introduce ourselves to each other for the time being. We are waiting for Marilee Karl, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls, Raijeti Nicole and Gigi Francisco. Annie, Vanessa, Bina, would you like to give each other a little intro of where you are from your past work, areas of activism, etc.

annieserrano2003: Annie Serrano: Am a Filipina. Used to work for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), national commission on women in the Philippines, and an NGO on development communication--all Philippine-based. I just finished coordinating the Asia-Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing + 10. Getting ready for the High-Level Intergovernmental Meeting next week.

vangrif: Vanessa Griffen: formerly in Asia Pacific Development Centre, Gender and Development Programme. Born in Fiji, educated and active here in women's, nuclear-free Pacific and anti-colonial movements. Now, at home here in Fiji, I want to write and reflect on our work as a movement.

binasr2001: Bind Srinivasan: I'm a writer and researcher, and have been involved with women's movements in India and South Asia. I have worked on displacement, conflict, violence against women and religious fundamentalism. Right now, am also involved with something called the Feminist Dialogues, a transnational meeting of feminists, usually before the World Social forum

susanna1911: Susanna George: Formerly with Isis International-Manila, and before that with UNDP and Asia Pacific Development Centre. I've been active in the women's movement for the past 15 years ...

Marilee Karl has joined the conference.

marilee_karl: Marilee Karl here, the co-founder of Isis International in 1974 and served as Coordinator of Isis for its first 20 years. I am currently Honorary Chairperson of Isis International-Manila and continue my activism in the women's movement and other movements for social justice. …