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Aiko Melendezs brother falls

The brother of former movie and television actress and Quezon City Councilor Aiko Melendez was arrested by the police for illegal possession of firearms early yesterday morning in Las Pinas City.

Police identified the suspect as James Alvaro Melendez, 23, a resident of Batasan Hills, Quezon City. He is under the custody of the Las Pinas police station investigation division.

Investigation conducted by case officer PO3 Paul Diaz showed that the suspect was arrested at 2:47 a.m. yesterday at the San Miguel Food Shop along the Alabang-Zapote Road in front of the Las Pinas City Hall.

Before the suspects arrest, Melendez was reportedly having a drinking spree with his two lady companions at the restaurant.

Melendez later stood up together with one of his lady companions whom witnesses believe is his girlfriend and went out of the establishment.

Outside, Melendez and his unidentified lady companion had an argument. A few moments later, a shot rang out, causing alarm to other customers of the restaurant.

The food shops security guard, Jovic Sarona, approached Melendez as police led by PO3 Romeo Britanico arrived to investigate the incident.

During investigation, Melendez failed to show any papers proving that the firearm is legal.

Recovered at the crime scene was a spent shell from a caliber .32 pistol. Seized from the suspect was a .32 caliber Browning pistol with one magazine with five bullets. (James I. Catapusan)

German slay suspect seen

MANILA (DPA) A German man accused of killing a compatriot and three other people in a popular resort in the Philippines has slipped back to Germany.

Uwe Fritz Berdt, the second secretary of the German Embassy in Manila, said Uwe Friesl was spotted in Bavaria two months ago.

Friesl and three still unidentified suspects have been charged with the killing of fellow German Anton Faustenhauser, Swiss millionaire and renowned art dealer Manfred Schoeni, British architect John Cowperthwaite, and Filipino maid Irma Sarmiento. …